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Compagnie Financière Richemont SA, also known as Richemont, is a Switzerland-based luxury goods holding company founded in 1988 by South African businessman Johann Rupert. Through its various subsidiaries, Richemont produces and sells jewellery, watches, leather goods, pens, firearms, clothing and accessories.

A former employee shared his demising experience, "Richemont has bad working environment. The business culture is toxic. Working crazy long hours. Lack of professionalism. I worked for one of the companies owned and managed by Richemont, in their European headquarters. Total lack of structure in the HR department. Superficial recruitment process. Very worrying high turn-over of employees."


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Employee (Former Employee) says

"Bad working environment. The business culture is toxic. Working crazy long hours. Lack of professionalism. I worked for one of the companies owned and managed by Richemont, in their European headquarters. Total lack of structure in the HR department. Superficial recruitment process. Very worrying high turn-over of employees.Can't find any pros in working there.HR recruitment, management, working hours, environment"

Relojero oficial 1° (Former Employee) says

"Tiranía empresarial, no respetan los derechos de los trabajadores. Acoso laboral permanente. Despidos masivos"

HR (Former Employee) says

"Ugly HR Department. Careless on boarding. Cero training. I begged during days to have a working computer. Credentials for accessing the system never worked. Worst experience ever. Nice building. Good salary.Nobody has time for training new staff. Horrible on boarding and in existent coaching."

Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Not paid enough for the amount of stress, micromanagement, and unreasonable expectations that we must endure. Constant change for the sake of change. Endless meetings. Prison-like rules and constant micromanaging.Good benefits & time off"

Client Services Intern (Former Employee) says

"Nice internship experience which made me understand how the job market works and taught me about the International luxury market."

Accessory Repair Technician (Former Employee) says

"What can i say i tried but never good enough. I put away there work and shipped off what need to shipped. I learned that if they don't like you that is if."

System integration manager & business controller (Current Employee) says

"Absence complete de suivi et d'interet pour les equipes. Promotion à l'usure."

Marketing y Ventas (Current Employee) says

"Exigente ambiente de trabajo,hace falta ser muy analítico.Paquete de beneficios"

Business consultant MM (Current Employee) says

"Dernières technologies de SAP en place Possibilité d'apprendre"

Impiegato (Former Employee) says

"Negli ultimi anni ha cambiato radicalmente la sua inclinazione. Scelte e persone sbagliate hanno destabilizzato l'andamento ."

HR Administration Employee (Former Employee) says

"Ambiente di lavoro stimolante e amichevole, dove è facile lavorare in serenità."

Horloger SAV (Former Employee) says

"tenciche di smontaggio e montaggio cassa e movimento, lavaggio movimento, assemblaggio con verifica di tolleranza su movimento, regolazione, messa in cassa."

M says

"I\'m seriously disappointed the way richmont group is running at the moment. There is no diversity, basically anyone who gets in you have to know someone. Never about talent and even if the person has a great deal of experience. I got rejected 7 times ... even as a sales associate....its upsetting and awful the way HR is running... again diversity is not there."

Dave Harrison says

"I have purchased a few watches and always found the experience very good, this review is based on the experience of returning a watch for repair , even allowing for reduced staff due to Covid the communication was really poor resulting in having to chase up on broken promises to return calls or provide updates on many occasions . Really disappointed with them."

Alex Carter says

"I've been sold a damaged watch . Its gone back to the manufacturer for repairs my emails are being ignored and I'm left with a huge bill . If you want to treat yourself to an expensive time peice do yourself a favour and shop elsewhere . This is the first and last time I'll use watchfinder . Very unprofessional service . Lacking support. Misinformation . Poor knowledge . The reviews must be written by staff ! They couldn't even get a watch link correct ! Legal advice being sort . To be honest it doesn't even deserve 1 star"

Nick says

"I first of all gave this company a good review however things have changed. What a waste of time and money dealing with this company. At first I thought it was great, they sold me an Omega I have had to send it back 3 times and they also recommend a watch for my 16 year kid that was for a much older women. They would not change the womens watch and in the end I had to sell it back to them for £150 less even though my daughter had not taken it out of the box. I have had to send back the omega for a refund., Their customer services is poor at the best. I am so disappointed they DO NOT HAVE THE WATCHES SERVICED AS ADVERTISED. They have wasted my time and my money and they are making me chase them for a refund on the postage which they promised to pay but I am still out of pocket and £150 down. I will never deal with them again."

Tracy says

"I have bought two watches from Watchfinder (Rolex and Cartier) over the past few years and sold two watches. Unfortunately my realisation about this company has come too late and I'm here to warn other people to be careful when buying a watch from Watchfinder. I bought a very expensive Cartier Ballon Bleu, which funnily enough stopped working just over two years after I bought it. I took it to Cartier for a service and they told me that unapproved parts had been used in the watch for the power reserve. As a Watchfinder customer, I can't be expected to know what they have done to the mechanics of the watch that I am buying - I can only trust that they haven't used non-specification parts. I emailed the after sales team to inform them about the situation and guess what... no reply at all! They either know that they have done something dodgy or they don't care. Either way I am so disappointed and would give Watchfinder a wide berth in the future. You are paying a lot of money for a luxury item - be sure you know what you are paying for."

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